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Hi and welcome to Simon Barnes Wedding Photography I have been photographing weddings for 23 years with numerous awards to my name as a professional photographer. These days I shoot in a very relaxed documentary style with a fine art twist. I use small professional cameras as I like to blend into a wedding and document the real and special moments that unfold during the day.


I am not a photographer who will do endless group shots, just the essential groups and a 20 minute relaxed natural portrait shoot with just the bride and the groom. The image above was captured as the wedding couple were walking and then stopped for an intermit moment together. I shot the image, but they weren't aware of me. That's the beauty of the cameras I use, they are so silent. The rest of the time I will mingle with you and your guests to capture the true essense of your wedding day. I shoot a high percentage of B&W and colour images that will become a timeless record of your wedding day. I am also very relaxed on the day making you feel at ease and having fun with you and your guests. Just think of me as a guest  who just so happens to get great images with top professional mirrorless cameras who will enjoy your day as much as you do.  Unlike many photographers today, I offer just one wedding collection.


If you are looking for a photographer to work from a shot list, or you are more interested in the quantity of images you are going to get, then I'm afraid I'm not the photographer for you. My photography is based around the quality of his images rather than the quantity. Being a documentary photographer means my style is not suited to working from a shot list as this kills the flow of the day. Couples come to me because they love the way I work and what I produce for them. I won't ask you to pose in award positions, I won't get you to jump, twirl or perform in front of the camera. I prefer to capture real honest moments that unfold during the day. I tend not to use flash much at all as I want to keep the images real and naturally lit. If I need to use flash, I will, but I prefer the look I now create similar to my street photography which is honest and fresh. Check out my Street Photography at I attract like minded couples who want me to do what I  do naturally, pure documentary wedding photography.


S I M O N  B A R N E S  W E D D I N G S

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